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  • Our Dynamic and Spirited Team

    Having experience in the field, we understand & identify ourselves with the people and aspire to serve our clients with the utmost professionality and respect, catering to their tailored-needs in the Group Funeral Industry.

  • Preferred service provider

    Platform to underwrite and negotiate terms and conditions at point of sale

  • Leading edge technology

    All system-technology wholly owned by 4D Group Solutions: 4DNet and 4POS is uniquely developed by 4DGS for 4DGS clients.

  • New Generation Software

    4D Group Solutions offers a new generation software solutions aimed at servicing the funeral markets effectively at a low cost

  • System driven results

    This ever-changing environment also requires system-driven-rules that can be imposed to protect the member, the administrator and the Insurer

  • We have the Keys

    Our systems is the key to solving your technology and software requirements, and we can assist you in setting up your administration platform

  • Rules-based environment

    4D Group Solutions provides a rules-based environment, allowing quick and easy configuration of benefits and schemes

  • Continued Research

    Continued research and development of new products and technology

  • Higher turnover, lower overheads

    Build a corporate viable financial solution with higher turnover and lower overheads

  • Vision that takes you forward

    A visionary that understands that the future will depend on a strong network of administrative and specialised back up and a well developed system